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Gain a competitive advantage over other buyers. By locating distressed properties -- before they hit the MLS -- you can discover where tomorrow's REOs and short sales will appear. Most of these properties are not listed on the MLS, but they will be soon. Research properties in advance and get a jump on your competition. Don't miss out on another deal because you couldn't act quickly. Use this tool to your advantage!

The red properties are already bank owned. As soon as REO asset managers prepare them for sale, they will be on the MLS. Get ready!

The green and blue properties have owners who are not paying their mortgages. They may be offered as short sales, or they may go through foreclosure and become REO. Either way, they will also likely be available on the MLS soon. Find your next home!

Be prepared to offer on these properties by researching them in advance or risk losing out to buyers who are have done their homework. Start your research today!

To find distressed properties, enter your desired location and press search. Scroll through list by pressing "next."