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Like most first time homebuyers, my wife and I had our fair share of  questions and concerns about the arduous process of acquiring a new  home. Despite our reservations about purchasing a home during these  challenging times, we knew that the current state of the housing market  presented a unique opportunity to not only capitalize on the steep  decline in home prices but also seize the opportunity to lock in  historically low interest rates being offered to creditworthy borrowers  like ourselves. My wife and I were frequent readers of the Irvine  Housing Blog because we believed it to be a credible resource to keep a  pulse on the housing market in the area. We knew we needed to find a  strong real estate agent to assist us in making our dreams of becoming  homeowners a reality.

After interviewing a number of real estate agents, it became  rather clear that finding an agent that truly had our best interest at  heart was few and far between. Although they were very personable, many  of them lacked the knowledge and insight we needed to successfully  navigate the uncertain landscape of the Orange County real estate  market. More importantly, the qualities that we looked for in an agent  centered around two of our core values, which are honesty and integrity.  Frankly speaking, we were not looking for someone to simply tell us  what we wanted to hear but rather someone who could assist us in setting  realistic expectations for ourselves given the uniqueness of our  financial profile and the neighborhoods we were interested in. We knew  Shevy was the right agent for us is when he said, “If you are not  looking to stay in the home you are seeking to purchase for at least  seven to ten years, then I suggest you continue renting.” It was  apparent to us at that moment that he was not just looking to help us  buy a home so he could make a commission but rather wanted to help us  make smart financial decisions. There are very few individuals that we  have found to be trustworthy to partner with us during the purchasing a  home. With that said, over the course of buying our first home, we found  ourselves confidently deferring some critical decisions to Shevy  because his knowledge and experience gave us confidence that he was  representing us as if he was representing his own family. He referred  excellent resources to us such as bank lenders and home inspectors which  we were extremely pleased with their services. While we were in escrow  we experienced a couple hurdles regarding issues that needed to be fixed  in the home before the escrow closed. Shevy was persistent in  communicating with the appropriate parties and played a major role in  getting it done in a timely manner.

Bottom line, we were  extremely impressed with Shevy’s service. We highly recommend him to  anyone who is interested in purchasing a home in the near future.

Kevin and Monica P.


From the beginning, Shevy was easy to get to know and easy to work  with. He was knowledgeable and offered astute insights and analysis with  regard to pricing in different areas. Once we had identified our area,  he worked our way through viewing available inventory. Finally, when we  began making offers, we discovered that he was not only solidly in our  corner with grounded financial analysis, but also with the negotiation  process. He does his homework- always- and is simply a tenacious  negotiator. By far, he is the best realtor either of us have ever worked  with- smart knowledgeable, hard working, and honest. He has great  integrity and was our advocate from start to finish.

John and Sharon M.
Laguna Woods


As my wife and I decided to buy our first home in Orange County, we  quickly learned it’s a jungle out there. Irrational pricing, agents who  care more about themselves than their clients, and the list goes on. In  the jungle of Orange County real estate, Shevy Akason is Tarzan. He’s a  trusted guide who strives to represent your best interests while  maintaining the highest standards of integrity. But he’s not naïve. He  has the experience, intellect and intuition to understand the laws of  the jungle. And he always sees the forest in the trees by maintaining a  strategic perspective on each potential transaction. After 6+ months of  searching, we just purchased a home in Irvine. Whether buying or selling  in Orange County, I can’t imagine working with any other realtor.

Gerard and Eun B.


It's rare and refreshing to work with an agent like Shevy, we would recommend him to anyone.

Jill and Erik
Ladera Ranch


The qualities personal and professional that you have are genuine and a rare currency in today's world. so keep up the good work.

Tamer K.
Laguna Niguel


Shevy & Rana are the best! We could not have hoped for better agents to work with!

Ed and Nancy H.
Crystal Cove


Without his understanding of what my needs and goals were, I'm not sure that I could have purchased such a great home.

Beverly K.


I can't tell you how much Neil and I appreciate you, George, and Rana for all your hard work!

Jeanie and Neil H. - seller
Lake Forest


While  I have been skeptical of the value that real estate agents provide,  Shevy proved me wrong. He not only gave me good advice.

Masoud S.
Laguna Niguel


Shevy was very responsive and helpful... 4 days later and the deal is done... A world record? Awesome!!

Ron D. - cash investor
North Tustin


Shevy, Thanks for your work on Eastview.  I've worked with a lot of agents and you are the best.

John B.
Orange County


Shevy was knowledgeable about every step of the process. (I) would recommend without hesitation.

Eric and Margaret H.
Tustin Ranch


It was a great experience working with Shevy and Rana. If I have to do this again (sell my house) I will ask for their help.

Fernando V - Irvine seller


It was refreshing to work with someone as timely & professional as Shevy.

Ashley and Anthony B.
Huntington Beach


Shevy and Rana are a winning team - I'm a first time home buyer buying a short sale propety and they made it look easy.

Lindsey E
Santa Ana


Your knowledge of the short sale process was comforting. We would recommend you to anyone.



Elan and I are happy that we stumbled upon you guys on the internet.

Danny and Elan G.


Both Rick and I enjoyed working with you through out the process and appreciate all you have done for us.

Chiaki and Rick R.


We highly recommend Shevy for his ability to listen to needs, his patience, and his real estate knowledge.

Andrew and Brenda P.